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    Redeker Cache

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    Redeker Cache

    Post by RedekerCraft on April 21st 2017, 1:22 am

    Redeker Codex

    Codex Entry ID: 001
    Codex Entry Name: Redeker Cache
    Codex Entry Type Server-Exclusive Event Container

    A player opening a Redeker Cache, name has been blurred out for privacy reasons.

    Redeker Caches are loot chests bearing loot ranging from junk to extremely beneficial items, they are scattered around the world and can only be found through the coordinates given on this forum thread.

    Cache Loot Grades:

    • Garbage: Useless items, rarely used items/ingredients
    • Basic: Basic tools, building materials
    • Standard: Basic armor, basic weapons, average tools, strong/heavy-grade building materials
    • Enhanced: Basic potions, average armor, average weapons, good tools
    • Extreme: Advanced potions, good weapons, enchanted tools, Golden Apples
    • Ultimate: Power Armor, Epic to Legendary weapons, Enchanted Golden Apples
    • Legendary: Advanced Power Armor, Legendary and above weapons

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