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    ProPvP Faction

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    ProPvP Faction - Page 2 Empty Re: ProPvP Faction

    Post by Rattle189 April 19th 2017, 5:17 pm

    Moved to the Official Factions section for its long time activity and recent progress, your faction has received these benefits for becoming official:
    • Free 25 faction power for claiming land, your faction doesn't need to have its members in full power to reach this 25 extra power.

    I've also changed the name of your thread to look more professional, if you have any concerns/questions, don't hesitate to message me or any other staff member.

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    ProPvP Faction - Page 2 Empty Re: ProPvP Faction

    Post by schauss123 April 19th 2017, 5:21 pm

    wow Thank you sir rattle189!! i'am Now official and more Power so im have more Land Smile Smile Smile Thank you!! Smile So much Smile

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