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    Guide to faction management


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    Guide to faction management

    Post by Steel485 on February 3rd 2017, 10:29 pm

    Steel485's faction management guide

    Managing a faction isn't easy and us leaders always understand the responsibility we have in controlling, managing and assessig our members, resources and territory along with other factions in the server. Because being a leader isn't easy and everyone knows this, this guide should lessen your stress in managing a faction.

    First off, we know that there are 4 ranks in the ladder which are: recruit, member, officer and leader. The leader obviously is the highest rank and only one member can have this but it can be given to other members if the leader wants someone else in charge, next is the officers who act as the co-leaders or assistant of the leader, they can promote, demote, kick or hire members into the faction, manage faction relations with other factions, claim or unclaim land and change other faction flags. next is the member which is a rank in the ladder that gives members the ability to edit faction owned land and use faction-owned containers like chests, furnaces or workbenches and finally the recruit who has access to the faction areas but with limited permissions, they mostly can't break or build blocks in the faction territory and access containers but they are protected by the faction.

    We know the leader is always very busy so he/she has the ability to promote a member to an officer if the member is trusted enough and is responsible to assist or act as a proper role model for the faction. Officers can manage the faction when the leader is busy or unavailable so they should be able to handle the lower ranks and keep them controlled.

    For the members, if they have specific rules then they must follow the rules while the officers enforce them inside the faction.

    I hope this guide helps!

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    Re: Guide to faction management

    Post by Rattle189 on February 3rd 2017, 10:30 pm

    Moved to the proper section and stickied. This should help faction leaders and officers such as myself.

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