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    Power Armor

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    Power Armor

    Post by RedekerCraft on April 21st 2017, 1:22 am

    Redeker Codex

    Codex Entry ID: 002
    Codex Entry Name: Power Armor
    Codex Entry Type Server-Exclusive Enchanted Armor

    A player wearing Power Armor.

    Power Armor, uncommonly called as better enchanted armor, is the pinnacle of in-game combat armor technology. Originally, Power Armor was only manufactured for large/powerful factions in their battles but as these events grew less common throughout time, Power Armor essentially became a standard-issue everyday use suit of armor for better protection and maximum efficiency.

    Power Armor Materials:

    • Gold (Uncommon - Rare): Cheapest grade of Power Armor suits, notable for its poor durability regardless of version.
    • Iron (Rare - Epic): Standard issue Power Armor suits, notable for its enhanced protection and durability.
    • Diamond (Epic - Legendary): Best suits of Power Armor, known for their extreme protection and durability.

    Power Armor Versions:

    • Mark 1: Initial versions of Power Armor, offered the user enhanced protection and better durability than standard combat armor.
    • Mark 2: Successor to the Mark 1, this version introduced better protection, durability and introduced enhanced mobility.
    • Mark 3: Introduced superior protection and the best durability, as well as improving previous features. This is regarded as the most recommended Power Armor version.
    • Mark 4: Offering the best protection and durability, this version also maxed out other features and introduced enhanced mining while underwater.
    • Mark 5: This experimental-grade of Power Armor surpassed the protection offered by the previous version as well as improving other features.
    • Mark 6: Unknown, still in development (?)

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